Similar to the advantages for buyers in working with our team, we work with many investors. Having been, as well as currently are, investors ourselves, we understand the unique opportunity the market presents and have an in-depth knowledge of the investment perspective when approaching a transaction. Our backgrounds, coupled with the opportunity we have with off-market opportunities and pre-list opportunities give you a niche advantage. Our investors have sneak peak opportunities and access to our inventory ahead of time. Whether you have a hold portfolio, a fix and flip portfolio or both, we’ll help you find properties that help you reach the rental rate return, net investment income return, IRR or other ROI you need.

We perform some due diligence and extensive comparison research to help you make informed decisions on potential transactions. We welcome meetings with investors to understand your individual or fund goals so that we can help you to achieve these goals. Because we have a dedicated team to listing properties and invest money into marketing to sellers, we have a high listing volume, which translates to more opportunities for you.