Short Sale Information

When the housing bubble burst in 2007-2008, the landscape of Arizona real estate changed dramatically. Since we had performed our first short sale in 2002, we were ahead of the industry in being able to assist those who had lost their jobs, seen a reduction in pay, had a medical issue, etc. short sell their homes.

We intimately understand the ins and outs of a short sale. We have a full-time team dedicated to managing and negotiating this process with your lender(s). We have an incredibly high success rate in obtaining short sale approval and in closing the transaction. We understand the market trends and are prepared for new laws or transitions ahead of time in order to stay ahead of the game and be informed, all to your benefit.

Not only do we understand this process, but we understand that there are tax and legal implications a short sale might have vs. a foreclosure or other alternative methods to relinquishing your property. Because of this, we require all of our clients to visit with a real estate attorney prior to making a decision on whether or not to short sale your home. The best part is, WE PAY FOR IT! We feel it is fundamental to the process for you to understand your options and all of the possible outcomes to your decision, and being informed by a veteran real estate attorney will help you do just that.